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Loyalty Rewards



You already buy online so why not earn rewards with great discounts while you’re doing it.

Reward yourself and do it better.

Collect points and redeem your savings! 


How can I earn reward points?

There are several methods you can use to collect reward points to enable you to redeem them for great savings.

Create an account: Register an account with us and you’ll immediately be awarded 200 points

Make a purchase: Whenever you buy you’ll be awarded points - 1 Point for every $1 spent

Refer a friend: When you refer a friend we’ll give them a 10% discount on their first order and if they make a purchase you’ll earn 500 points

Birthday Reward: After registering an account you can also register your birthday (at least 1 month before being rewarded) and you’ll earn 250 points

Sharing on Facebook: The first time you share us on Facebook you’ll earn 150 points

Liking us on Facebook: If you like us on Facebook for the first time, you’ll earn 50 points

Sharing on Twitter: The first time you share us on Twitter you’ll earn 150 points


How are my reward points awarded?

Collect 500 points and you can redeem them and immediately receive a 5% discount.

Collect 1000 points and receive a great 10% discount.

Collect 2500 points and receive a whopping 20% discount.


How do I review and redeem my reward points?

You can view your points and redeem them by visiting and opening the "My Rewards Points" Tab, which appears at the bottom of each webpage. When you open the tab, you'll see a Rewards section or the option to "Spend Your Reward Points"



When you click on "Spend Your Reward Points" and click on the "Rewards" tab, you'll see the rewards buttons to redeem each level of reward. You can only redeem your points once they have tallied up to each available reward.



After clicking on the "Redeem" button, it'll generate the coupon code for you and display it on screen and will also be emailed to you!



To use your coupon code, simply enter in the space provided during the checkout process as indicated below.